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Stop being me.

Ok. Hi again. Wow. Im bored. And listening to Blink. Anywayz. Last night was wierd. I was looking at the ceiling kinda wanting to do something them my CD player turned on so I was kinda listening to it then I went to turn it up loud and I cant remember what CD it was. I want my Guitar. I yelled at mom and pretty much told her that if she didnt buy me something like that she would have no use to me anymore since I see her maybe 1nce a month. So yeah. I have nothing to even show that I actully have a mother besides a few CDs its pathetic.

Listen to the screams of you.
Listen to what you make me do.
I dont want to hear the screams.
I dont want to see the scars.
Look what you did.
You did this.
This isnt the end.
As the rain falls so do my tears.
Your tears.
This cant be the end.
Cold and sad faces staring at the sun.
Waiting for the answers.
Waiting for the truth.
Do you have the truth?
Or will you tell it to us?
Snow falls now.
Then the flowers come.
And go.
And then leaves fall on the ground.
Sounds of breaking bones.
Sounds of popping shoulders.
Sounds of you.
Sounds of pain.
Sounds of you.
Life is temporary.
Like New Year's Resoulutions.
Never becoming the real thing.
Never going out.
Going away.
Staying away.
Stay away.
Blood drops.
Loved hearts.
Broken ones too.
Blood on the floor.
Floor cleaner lying next to you.
Trying to make the stains go away as she is crying in the bathroom.
Probably cutting.
Like you.
And now trying to coverr up.
Its not working.
So you wait for her to some home.
And scream.
And yell.
And ask what the hell is wrong.
Why there is stains on the floor.
Is it food or something.
She doesnt see the tears.
She doesnt see the scars or scabs.
She doesnt see your clothes in the garbage.
The ones that were so full of blood you had to get rid of.
There was no use of washing them.
Hands starting to cramp with pain.
Waiting for the worst.
Hoping for the best.
She comes out of the bathroom.
The miniture you.
The one that can still turn out right.
The one you cry for every night.
And pray for even though nothing happens.
You get in the car.
With her keys.
Not yours.
You seem to take everything.
Including your life?
This time you will.
As you drive off the cliff.
Land in the ocean.
And take your last breaths.
Thinking of the person who did this to you.
Thinking of him.

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