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Im going crazy, crazy, crazy.

Wow. I am really fucking bored. Molly might come over since we both got ditched by Leah, Brittany and Jenna. Oh well. I dont really care anymore. Friends cant be perfect. And ethier can I. Hmn'. My tummy hurts. I hope my dad bought a charger for my phone because I miss having a cell phone now. Here he comes so hopefully. I kinda got pissed off at Leah and Brittany today. Brittany Jenna and Molly were supposed to go to Sams tonight. And Molly doesnt wanna go because she doesnt want Leah to feel left out. So Brittany says that Leah can take Mollys place. -.-' She tries too much like I do. I want to call someone but there is no one to call. ='( How sad. Haha. Anywayz. Im gonna try and see if Brittany and them left to go to Ronnie's house. Oh yeah. Today is Ronnie's Birthday. And who was invited? Me? Hell no. Molly was though. So was everyone else besides me. I guess I cant be to pisssed off about that. Since I dont know Ronnie that well. If Leah loses her virginity tonight I will never talk to her again though. I hope she isnt that stupid. Maybe she is but oh well. Not my fault if she gets AIDS. Molly is going to Ronnie's house. Im not. How fun. When I try to help someone they just forget about me. I feel so special. People fucking suck ass. YOU FUCKING LAME ASS PEOPLE! I think Im gonna goo upstairs and cut again. For Leah. Hah. How fucking interesting. I want to talk to my Jenny but she isnt home. Damn her. I have like no friends again. That care anyway. How suprising. 476-4321 Remember that number Kaite. Ok? OK! Im really tired. I should go and fall asleep or cut or something. Whatever. You people suck big monkey butholes. Heh. Funny. Anywayz. I havent talked to Rob since I saw his dick during lunch. Not even after school that day. Wow. How sad? I usually talk to him everyday. Oh well. I could care less. I got invited to go to Sam Terinova's house. Or however you spell her last name. I dont think I will since I dont know who the hell she is really. And I would feel kinda akward sleeping in her house. Why is this such a big deal? Jeez. I have no life again! YAY! Ok. Well I am gonna go. Byby
Luv n' Everything else.
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