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The quiet things that no one ever knows.

Wow. I am so bored. Hmn'. Maybe because everybody left me out of thier plans like always. ::Sigh:: Oh fucking well. They suck. Um. Yeah. Rob is pissed at me because I am pissed at him if that makes sense. My mom gave me money! Wow! Im probably going to the mall tomorow and getting clothes. I finally get to shop at Hot Topic. For once. For actual clothes anyway. I didnt see her though. I forget what she looks like. I kind of miss having a mom. Oh well. Her loss. Actually. Probably mine. Like always. Anywayz. Leah's Mom got fired from her job today. She came home early crying. I felt kinda bad for her. She doesnt have a job now. And she has no money to pay for bills as it is. And plus Leah. Who is a major handfull. And might need braces. Poor Kelly. Me and Brianna are gonna try and help her find a job though. We thought about her working in a hotel downtown. We already called and everything. I take charge man. Heh. I felt bad so I had to do something. She even made me cry. Kelly is like my mom. I love her more than my real mom. She is really cool.

Well Rob pissed me off. Not just today but all fucking week. He was all over Jenna and Brittany since Laur wasnt here all week. I wanted to smack the shit out of him. But today he really pissed me off. Ok. We were standing in line for lunch and he comes up to Jenna and hugs her. And I mean like lifts her up and smashes her boobs against his chest hug. And then to Brittany. And then he comes up to me and I said that he was pissing me off. And then he pretended to yawn and he put his arm around my shoulder. And I said You really are Rob. And he said WHAT THE FUCK! Really loud. And then I whispered to Brittany so he could hear me that I dont think he knows that Im not joking. The fact is that Laur wouldnt be too happy if she saw Rob all over Jenna and Britt. And that makes me think that he doesnt really love her and he is just using her which is really bad because I know Laur loves Rob. But I dont know if Rob loves her. GR! I dont know why I care. Well I think I ruined mine and Rob's friendship. I knew his friendships with people dont last more than a year. What a shame. I know he will ebd up talking to me and begging me not to tell Lauren that he has been a bad boy. -.-' Oh fucking well. Sometimes I wish Rob would get real before life pulls his boxers down to show his un-prepared but? Oh yeah. Today he pulled his fucking dick out right in front of me in lunch. I was kinda like... Ew. But then kinda like. HAHHAHAHAHAHAAH! Its not small. Its actully. Really big. But ummm...Nevermind. -.-' Yeah Well I think I will leave you with the question...How bg is Rob's penis? Byby.
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