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Grounded. Grounded for a long time.

Hehehe. Im Grounded. W0ot-ness. Blah. Nothing to do. Nothing to do. I didnt go to school. Because my throat is on fire. Yeah. And he didnt believe me so I got grounded. Oh fucking well. Im gonna cry now? Boo-hoo? I wanted to go to school but I didnt want to get up. I wanted to see RObs face. Hehehehe. So I could tell if the things I said really made him mad. Hmn'. I bet they did. And I wonder if Lauren wants to hurt me now. Since most of the things were about her and him being together or what not. Shit. I think he is here. No. My dad isnt home yet. Yay Go me. Wait...Okie Im outie.
Luv n; everything else.
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