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Stop yo' bitchin'

I tried I really fucking tried my hardest tonight. I wanted to help. I tried. It didnt work. It didnt. Im so sorry I fucking tried. I wanted to have friends again. I want to have them. No...I want Leah. I dont wanna be blown off. I want to be accepted. But I cant be. Because I hang out with the wrong group. I picked the wrong fucking group. I dont care who the hell says that there isnt one. THERE FUCKING IS! WE ARE ALL SEPARATED! YOU HAVE TO BE BLIND TO NOT SEE! I think people are blind. Lauren is blind. She doesnt see it. ROb does..But what do you expect him to do? Tell the truth? I want them to see and they dont! They fucking dont see anything. Or maybe I dont see. I dont see what I am supossed to.Maybe I should be like themm and whatch people dissapear. And whact best firneds leave. And never come back or say I love you. I need someone like I dont know. I need a razor. I need to cut out my feelings. I need to watch the heal like people wont. Like people wont. I fucking tried. I did. I really did. I wanted things back. I was friends with Britney. Thats how hard I tried. I love him too. Its so fucked up. I like Britney. I wish I would have known her longer. She tries. Like I do. I dooooooo. Ow Fuck. Im eating again. I need to talk to people and try to make them see. Seeeeeeeeeee. No Fuck them. No..fuck me. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

Things that arent there.
Hanging in a closet full of good thoughts and feelings.

I cant.
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