stopscreaming (stopscreaming) wrote,

The Reason.

Fuck you people. Your mean. Anywayz. I dont like the snow and the cold and all the not being able to go outside and sit on the ground. Well I do. But only when Im with someone. I like spring and laying on the ground and rain and being alone. Winter is something where I dont like to be alone. Wow. Anywayz. I should go to sleep for days and like die in my sleep so people will say I died peacefully to make people pissed off! ^.^ I tried to make you happy? Ok. Anywayz. Leah called me. Go me. And umm we had a conversation about her boyfriend, Ronnie. Ew. I hate him with a strong strong passion. Like Samantha and Caitlyn and Molly(Somewhat). Why shouldnt I? They have...Tried to make me look like a fucking idiot. Tried making my bestfriend hate me and it almost worked. Gr. I fucking hate people that have problems with who I hang out with and who hangs out with me and just blah. Me and Leah are totally different so why do we get along so well. Its too confusing and I dont like thinking about it. I hate waiting for her to stop talking to me because she finally realized she is way too good for some bitch like me. It makes me want to smack her or something. Why do I even have friends? Jeez. I mean come on. Kaite. ::Sigh:: Oh well. Hit this. Blah. I want ti be blue. And have a red dog. And have a pink cat. And have a black and gold fish. Hmn'. Never. heh. I wonder what I am gonna be doing tomorow. I think I am gonna go skating. Or to a movie with Rob and Laur like we planned Monday. But plans never work out so I doubt it. Anywayz. My mom is buying me a guitar. A black and white one for all I know.

I really dont want to be with Rob and Laur when I have no one else like Jenny or someone cuz they get all kissy and shit and its just like...Ew. I want to buy them a hotel and throw them the key when they do that. Just. Go away. 86 is a cool number. But 89 is better! hahahhaa. Anywayz. Im really bored. And I need Weed. This weekend. With Leah. Or alchohol. With Leah. Heh.
Bye Ducks.
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